JK Chicagodogs Vision Statement

To Preserve quality in food and service, and sustain them consistently through all generations.

JK Chicagodogs Mision Statement

To support our vision statement we are committed to always offer the best quality food and to treat our customers with care, respect and kindness.


  Hi, we are JK’s Chicago dogs. Since our first journey to open a business in August 2008, we have worked diligently to fulfill our dreams. We started “JK’s Chicago dogs” in a place located at the North Central of


Special Services


Catering includes a variety of hot dogs styles such as the Chicago style, New York style, Coney Island style, and others. Sandwiches such as the famous Italian Beef are also available for catering so that the whole family and friends can

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Retail Store

Our Retail Store carry most of the Vienna Beef condiments. You can make yourself your own Chicago Style hot dogs or your Juicy Italian Beef Sandwich. Impress your relatives, guests, office mates, and neighbors about your casual culinary skills preparing your childhood

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Cakes are freshly baked every week, they are now an important part of the menu that Customers have included in their daily meals. There is no party if there is no Cake! and we have for you, beautiful decorated cakes

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We strive to work for perfection with Care, Quality, and Kindness.
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