Casual Catering

Chicago Style Hot dogs and Italian Beef

Hi, we are JKs Chicago dogs, Since our first journey to open a business, we have worked diligently to fulfill our dreams. We started “JK’s Chicago dogs” in a place located at the North Central of San Antonio area; a hole in the wall; as much of our customers named it. While we were running this place for about 7 years; selling only Hot dogs and Beef Sandwich Chicago Style; we learned the pros and cons of the food business. Then, we opened a new location at Universal City named “JK’s The Bistro”; A nice place triple the size in area and menu compared to the first location. Without any experience on the new equipment, we jumped into the new challenges of preparing more diverse menu plates; from our classic Hotdogs, to more kinds of Sandwiches Hot & Cold, and Salads. Two of the new items added to our menu are “Gyro Sandwich” and “Gyro Plate”; Pretty soon they became very popular between much of our regular and new customers. Yes this is exciting! For 3 years we enjoyed serving universal city neighborhood and the Randolph Air Force Base. Personal reasons pushed us not to renew the lease of the Universal City location. Now as a new challenge we opened a new location in a the food court of the Rolling Oaks Mall.  We invite you to continue along with us to be part of our story in this new Business location.


JK Chicago Dogs