Our service is a Casual Catering with a variety of hot dogs styles such the Chicago style, N.Y. Style, Coney Island style, and the famous sandwich Italian Beef. All these available to our customers so they have the  opportunity to enjoy at the comfort of their House, Office, or Private Party.

Other sandwich options such as the Corned Beef, Reuben, and Turkey Club sandwich are available. We also may serve Salads and Soups occasionally as a lunch meal. We call it “Casual Catering”, a kind of meal that creates a family and friendship atmosphere.

Orders for caterings must be place at least 7 days ahead the event date. 50% of payment is required when the catering food is requested. The remaining balance is paid when the order is delivered (Picked Up). We take Cash, Check or Credit Card.

We do not Cater on Site, we just work order for pick up

Call us for more information about our catering products: (210)-201-4030.

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    • Hot Dogs Menu

      Hot Dogs and Sausages

    • Hot dog Chicago Style

      Hot dog Chicago Style

      Bright Green relish, Sport peppers, Tomato wedges, Pickle spears, fresh raw onions, mustard, and celery salt.


    • Hot dog Coney Island

      Hot dog Coney Island

      Chili, onions, and mustard

    • Hot dog Classic

      Hot dog Classic

      Poppy seed buns, Green relish and Mustard

    • Hot dog New York

      Hot dog New York

      Sauerkraut, and / or Onions, Yellow mustard

    • Sausages Menu

      All beef sausages, Pork, and Veal.

    • Polish sausage

      Polish sausage

      Classic polish w/ green relish and yellow mustard

    • Bratwurst


      Hoagie roll, w/ Sauerkraut or Bell peppers, and brown mustard

    • Sandwiches Menu

      All Beef Sandwiches Hot and Cold, Turkey Clubs, and Pork.

    • Italian beef sandwich

      Italian beef sandwich

      Hot and Juicy Italian beef; French Gonnella roll, Vienna roast beef, Aujus, Hot giardiniera

    • Cheese steak

      Cheese steak

      French Gonnella roll, Roast Beef, Grilled onions and peppers, Swiss cheese, sport peppers, Aujus.

    • Corned beef

      Corned beef

      Rye bread, corned beef, Yellow mustard

    • Reuben sandwich

      Reuben sandwich

      Rye bread, Swiss cheese, Grilled sauerkraut, Thousand island

    • Club sandwich

      Club sandwich

      Texas toast, Mayo, Ham or Turkey, Lettuce, Tomato, and Bacon

    • Specials Menu

      Special meals

    • Gyro Sandwich

      Gyro Sandwich

      Lamb and Beef gyro meat wrapped in pita bread with onions and tomatoes, and Tzatziki sauce on the side. Served with 1 Classic Lays potato chips.

    • Hot dog special

      Hot dog special

      2 hot dogs any style, 1 classic potato chips

    • Polish Classic special

      Polish Classic special

      2 Polish Classic; Green relish and mustard; 1 potato chips

    • BOB.W special

      BOB.W special

      Best of Both Worlds; 1 Chicago style hot dog, 1 Jr. Italian beef, Aujus, Hot Giardiniera, Sport peppers; 1 potato chips