Hot dogs menu

If you are reading this paragraph is because you’d like to see our Hot Dogs Menu. Your favorite is probably the Chicago Style or The Coney Island, is that right? I picture you and your family and friends watching your favorite Sport team playing in a game in your 100” LED TV; Yeah!, Hurra!, Yes!, Nooo!; everybody excited,  jumping and cheering your team like you do when you are at the AT&T Center.  Well, there is something that shouldn’t be missing in your game, right? Yes, your Hot dogs!, Make that day’s event to be real, bring the magic at home enjoying our Casual Menu. Call us, place your order, and Pick it up!


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JK food menu

    • Hot Dogs Menu

      Hot Dogs and Sausages

    • Hot dog Chicago Style

      Hot dog Chicago Style

      Bright Green relish, Sport peppers, Tomato wedges, Pickle spears, fresh raw onions, mustard, and celery salt.


    • Hot dog Coney Island

      Hot dog Coney Island

      Chili, onions, and mustard

    • Hot dog Classic

      Hot dog Classic

      Poppy seed buns, Green relish and Mustard

    • Hot dog New York

      Hot dog New York

      Sauerkraut, and / or Onions, Yellow mustard

    • Sausages Menu

      All beef sausages, Pork, and Veal.

    • Polish sausage

      Polish sausage

      Classic polish w/ green relish and yellow mustard

    • Bratwurst


      Hoagie roll, w/ Sauerkraut or Bell peppers, and brown mustard