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The Hot and Juicy Italian beef is the most demanded sandwich. Three stories revolve around the creation of the Italian Beef, but it is still a mystery of who truly became the creator of this popular sandwich.
Winning many awards and comments for having the “Best Beef” in Chicago, it is no surprise that Al’s Beef became a possible contestant for the creation of the Italian Beef. Although, critic Pat Bruno had another theory of where the Italian Beef initiated. He said it came from the French Dip in Los Angeles. Bruno gave credit to a man named Tony, and so Tony became another originator of the sandwich. Lastly, a man by the name of Pasquale Scala set his own company “Scala Packing Company”. One can still see Scala’s trucks driving around the streets of Chicago.
Even though, it is still unknown from whom and where the Italian Beef derived, we can all be happy for having this delicious sandwich with us in our hearts and in our stomachs.

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    • Sandwiches Menu

      All Beef Sandwiches Hot and Cold, Turkey Clubs, and Pork.

    • Italian beef sandwich

      Italian beef sandwich

      Hot and Juicy Italian beef; French Gonnella roll, Vienna roast beef, Aujus, Hot giardiniera

    • Cheese steak

      Cheese steak

      French Gonnella roll, Roast Beef, Grilled onions and peppers, Swiss cheese, sport peppers, Aujus.

    • Corned beef

      Corned beef

      Rye bread, corned beef, Yellow mustard

    • Reuben sandwich

      Reuben sandwich

      Rye bread, Swiss cheese, Grilled sauerkraut, Thousand island

    • Club sandwich

      Club sandwich

      Texas toast, Mayo, Ham or Turkey, Lettuce, Tomato, and Bacon