Specials menu

Office lunch boxes and for large group packages are available. One hot dog is not enough? or maybe you like the Italian beef, but is too big for you to finish it all. You want to share with your friends and don’t know exactly what kind of food will be the right to make them happy. Look at our specials, we have the right combination meals for you and your coo-workers and friends. Call now, Place your order, and Pick it up!


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    • Specials Menu

      Special meals

    • Gyro Sandwich

      Gyro Sandwich

      Lamb and Beef gyro meat wrapped in pita bread with onions and tomatoes, and Tzatziki sauce on the side. Served with 1 Classic Lays potato chips.

    • Hot dog special

      Hot dog special

      2 hot dogs any style, 1 classic potato chips

    • Polish Classic special

      Polish Classic special

      2 Polish Classic; Green relish and mustard; 1 potato chips

    • BOB.W special

      BOB.W special

      Best of Both Worlds; 1 Chicago style hot dog, 1 Jr. Italian beef, Aujus, Hot Giardiniera, Sport peppers; 1 potato chips